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General Silk Pricing Information - Average Ranges and Comparisons

NOTE: Our availability is on a first-come, first reserved basis and is NOT guaranteed without a formal reservation and deposit. Bookings cannot be confirmed until a deposit has been received. Please understand that phone and/or eMail correspondence with our design team does not guarantee a booking unless a deposit is received. Supplies are not ordered and designs are NOT started without the required deposit. New orders with less than 2 months notice that require special order (non-stock/inventory) floral materials are assessed a rush charge to cover expedited international delivery of supplies for your order so it is important to reserve your date and our services early.

DEPOSIT POLICY: We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Unfortunately, a new policy (4/25/09) had to be established due to someone who recently ruined a mutual trust situation for the rest. Note that installment payment plans are still available, but an initial deposit is now required on all reservations and custom orders, regardless of order size.

The price ranges listed below are based on the most commonly requested types of flowers, the most popular bouquet sizes and styles, and the silk quality levels selected most often by our bridal clients over the past nine years. Faux florals are truly a "you get what you pay for" type of product and prices vary greatly based on the specific quality level you choose; therefore, this list should be viewed as only a general guideline. Because your order is completely custom to your specifications and selections, we don't have a "one size fits all" price list. A personalized consultation to gather detailed information about your desired sizes, shapes, styles, specific flower types, and quality level is needed to better focus an estimate, and a selection of the specific flowers you prefer is required to determine an exact quote.

While simply stating, "I want a 10" hand-tied bouquet of red roses tied with white ribbon" is detailed enough for fresh floral estimates, the information is too general for silk/artificial pricing. With professional experience and a vast knowledge of the import/export business, Something Spectacular (and Something Floral) utilizes a much wider network of suppliers than most designers and can, literally, provide you with thousands of different flower options to select from. As such, we are not able to provide an exact quote on general guidelines so we require a thorough consultation to gather all necessary information from you to narrow in on the specific flowers and quality levels that best suit your preferences and budget. The more details provided, the better (and more accurate), the estimate so call us today to schedule your personalized consultation.

Our Average Ranges and Competitor Comparisons

Bridal Bouquet
Silk vs. Fresh
Petite and/or Simple
Medium and/or Average
Large and/or Detailed
bridal bouquets silk wedding flowersSomething Spectacular Silk Price (Average)
$55 - $95
$85 - $175
From $100 (Typically $100 - $250)
National Average Fresh Florist Price
$85 - $145
$150 - $350
From $400

Bridesmaid Bouquet
Silk vs. Fresh
Petite and/or Simple
Medium and/or Average
Large and/or Detailed
bridal bouquets silk wedding flowersSomething Spectacular Silk Price (Average)
$55 - $75
$65 - $95
$85 - $155
National Average Fresh Florist Price
$65 - $95
$85 - $125
From $130

Flower Girl Designs
Silk vs. Fresh
Petite and/or Simple
Medium and/or Average
Large and/or Detailed
bridal bouquets silk wedding flowersSomething Spectacular Silk Price (Average)
$30 - $40
$35 - $50
$55 - $85
National Average Fresh Florist Price
$40 - $75
$65 - $90
From $95

Silk vs. Fresh
Petite and/or Simple
Medium and/or Average
Large and/or Detailed
bridal bouquets silk wedding flowersSomething Spectacular Silk Price (Average)
$10 - $15
$14 - $20
$15 - $35
National Average Fresh Florist Price
$20 - $30
$35 - $50
From $60

Silk vs. Fresh
Petite and/or Simple
Medium and Average
Large and Detailed
bridal bouquets silk wedding flowersSomething Spectacular Silk Price (Average)
$4 - $8
$6 - $10
$10 - $15
National Average Fresh Florist Price
$10 - $15
$15 - $25
From $30

Cake Flowers
Silk vs. Fresh
Petite and/or Simple
Medium and/or Average
Large and/or Detailed
bridal bouquets silk wedding flowersSomething Spectacular Silk Price (Average)
$35 - $50
$50 - $100
$90 - $200
National Average Fresh Florist Price
$50 - $90
$100 - $400
From $400

We're often asked about pricing for our most popular bouquet styles. Each order is completely custom based on a client's budget and preferences, but consider this example:

Silk Pricing Example

silk bridal bouquet rose stephanotis

rose stephanotis bouquet realistic silk flowers


The pink rose and white stephanotis bridal bouquet designed for a bride last Spring (shown here) contained all Level 1 faux flowers. Level 1 is the highest quality artificial flowers available to professional, licensed florists. The bouquet was approximately 10" in diameter and featured faux pearl-centered stephanotis. The bouquet appears to be a "simple" style, while in fact, it was labor intensive (which impacts cost). It appears to be a hand-tied bouquet, but in fact, it's a faux hand-tied (made to look like a hand-tied but more secure in construction) to keep all the roses securely in place and to give it a perfectly round, ball shape. The stephanotis were hand-jeweled (faux pearls) and hand-wired throughout the bouquet. The faux stems are wrapped in luxurious satin ribbon with a sheer, pink, organdy french wrap and pearl overlay.

  • Cost of Level 1 bridal bouquet: $180.
  • Similar bouquet in all Level 2 would've cost approximately $120-$145 (depending on style/manufacturer of roses chosen).
  • Similar bouquet in Level 3 flowers would've cost approximately $90-120 (depending on style/manufacturer of roses chosen).
  • Note: We don't work with flowers or foliage below a Level 3 as we don't consider them realistic enough for our uncomprimising standards.

The coordinating, lush and romantic, garden-style, pastel bridesmaid's bouquets were approximately 9" and contained a variety of Level 2 faux flowers with a few Level 3 mixed in.

  • Cost of bridesmaid bouquets (each): $75.
  • Similar bouquet in all Level 2 flowers would've cost approximately $85 each.
  • Similar bouquet in all Level 3 would've cost approximately $50-65 each.
  • Similar bouquet in all Level 1 would've cost approximately $95-115 each.
  • Note: We don't work with flowers or foliage below a Level 3 as we don't consider them realistic enough.

Keep reading below for all that you'll receive for your investment in Something Spectacular and Something Floral.

What am I Getting for My Investment?

Uncomprimising Quality

We're not the cheapest floral designer available, and we know our uncomprimising standards and high quality materials may not be a fit for everyone's budget but this is truly an industry where "you get what you pay for". If you're looking for realistic, superior quality, well-designed, and well-constructed special event flowers that receive a myriad of compliments from your guests and look as beautiful up-close as in your expensive wedding photos, we're the designer for you.

We have formal educations in fine art, visual design, floral design, and interior design so you're assured an experienced, expert designer will consult with you and design/create your order. We take the time to construct our designs properly and don't shortcut mechanics. Unlike many online florists, we don't just simply tie together a few stems, dab on a little glue, wrap a ribbon around the stems, and send it on it's way. We don't just glue orchids, stephanotis, or other accent flowers at the top of your bouquet and hope they stay in place. If you travel with our bouquets, you will not open your luggage upon arrival to discover that flowers have fallen off or fallen apart in transit. Unbelievable (and inexcusable), but you don't have to look far to find many blog posts and forum reviews from other florist's unhappy customers who have experienced that very scenario and without a way or the resources to make necessary repairs.

Unbeatable Service

From our friendly assistants to our knowledgeable and experienced designers, to our owner/founder/lead designer, to our helpful delivery and setup and shipping staff, you're treated with courtesy and respect. We know you and your fiance' by name, we are meticulous about your wedding details (you're dresses aren't just "blue," they are Tiffany, Capri, Horizon, Lapis, etc), and we custom design everything specifically for your event. No mass-produced, cookie cutter designs, and we don't charge you for calls or eMail exchanges (yes, some online florists do). You're not just an order number at Something Spectacular and Something Floral. You are a valued client, and we truly care that you receive beautiful flowers for your special day that not just meet, but exceed, expectations.

In nearly 9 years of operation, we're proud to say that we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating and the majority of our clients are word-of-mouth referrals from past clients. That speaks volumes.

Floral Budgeting Tips

Because every couple has different priorities, you can use these basic averages to allocate the most amount of your floral budget on the items that matter most to you. Most brides tend to allocate a larger amount of their floral budgets on their bridal bouquet since the bouquet will appear in almost every formal portrait, pre-ceremony, and ceremony photo. The same is true for the area where most of your wedding party's portraits will be taken. Will they be taken in front of an altar, an arch, or a chuppah? It's always a good investment to set aside part of your floral budget to spruce up that space.

A popular trend the past few years is the use of fewer, but larger arrangements that can be used in both the ceremony and reception and later used to decorate the homes of the bridal couple, family members, and close friends. Because reception halls tend to be large and dark, average or smaller size table arrangements can get "lost" very easily. In most cases, if you do not have a very large budget for wedding flowers and want "the most bang for your buck," fewer, but larger arrangements will make a bigger impact. Consider using simple votive candles surrounded by flower petals or inexpensive potted plants for your centerpieces. Then for more visual impact, invest in large, spectacular, eye catching arrangements to be used in the middle of the banquet hall or in other high-traffic areas, such as the buffet, bar, head table, and cake table.

Since silk flowers never wilt or die, you're getting a greater return on investment for your purchase. Some of the many things you can do with Something Spectacular bouquets and arrangements after the wedding are:

Any way you look at it, silk flowers, particularly the ultra realistic, premium quality materials used by Something Spectacular in our award-winning designs, are an excellent investment.

We hope this information answers some of your basic pricing questions. For specific prices regarding our products and services, contact us to schedule a personal consultation. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your floral needs.

- Your Professional Design Team at Something Spectacular Custom Event Design and Something Floral

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