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8 Wedding Issues of Florists' Review Magazine
(International Publication for Professional Florists - USA)
April 2011, March 2010, March 2009, March 2008,
March 2007, March 2006, March 2005, and March 2004

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The Bridal
Bouquet Book

by Ginny Parfitt
Schiffer Publishing

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Woman's World
August 7, 2007

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2 Issues of Floral Design Magazine
(International Publication for Florists - New Zealand)
August 2010
June 2011

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9 Issues of Best Wedding Sites Magazine

Feb-April 2011
June-Nov 2011
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Article 4 - Proper Techniques for Carrying Your Bridal Bouquet
Not all bouquets are carried alike! Determine the proper technique for carrying bridal bouquets based on the style, shape, and size of your bouquet and the features of your wedding gown.

By Kim McMullen, owner and lead designer of Something Floral and Something Spectacular Custom Floral Design

On your wedding day, you’ll be the center of attention. As you walk down the aisle on the most important walk of your life, all eyes will be fixed upon you. Of course you want to be an elegant bride who makes a smooth entrance and gracefully glides down the aisle without looking uncomfortable, feeling awkward, or dropping your bouquet.

To feel confident and self-assured, you’ll want to make sure you are holding and carrying your bouquet appropriately. Not every bouquet is carried the same way. Typically, the type of bouquet and features of your gown will determine the way your bouquet should be carried.

Round, heart, cascade, and crescent bouquets are normally held and carried in front. These types of bouquets should be low enough to reveal the details on the neckline and bodice of your gown and are held with both hands as if your arms are resting on your hips. Although the natural tendency when excited or nervous is to bring the bouquet to your waist, chest, or even higher, try to avoid this so your arms are not held in an awkward, uncomfortably position and so everyone can see the beautiful details of your gown.

Small, lightweight and delicate bouquets, such as nosegays, clutch bouquets or single blossoms, can be carried to your side with one hand and are generally held at the same level as a bouquet held in front. If your nosegay is mounted in an elaborate or family heirloom tussy mussy (a small, Victorian style, metal or glass, cone-shaped holder), you may choose to proudly display it by holding and carrying your bouquet in the front instead of the side. If you choose a tussy mussy holder for your bouquet, you’ll notice that there is generally only enough room to hold it securely with one hand. For proper positioning, carry the tussy mussy upwards in your hand with your forearm bent slightly so it is horizontal (parallel to the floor) while your elbow rests comfortably on your hip.

Floral pomanders (bloom-covered balls or cones suspended from a ribbon) can be carried to the side in the same manner as a nosegay or in front in the same manner as a round bouquet. Typically, adult attendants carry pomanders to the side with one hand while children carry them in the front with both hands.

Arm bouquets feature long floral stems and should rest naturally and comfortably across the inner bend of your elbow so that the bouquet is cradled in your arms with the blossom end of the flowers facing away from your body. This holding and carrying technique is not only comfortable, but it also allows guests on one side to see the open blossoms as you walk down the aisle and guests on the other side to see the open blossoms as you walk back up the aisle.

Specialty bouquets such as fans, baskets, and prayer books should be carried according to their size and proportion. Smaller specialty bouquets can be carried to either your front or side, while larger baskets should be carried down and to your side.

Whatever style you choose, it's always best to hold and carry your bouquet in the most appropriate and natural way. You will not only look regal and confident as you walk down the aisle, but you will also avoid disappointment with your wedding portraits by ensuring that all photographs capture you holding your bouquet comfortably without raising it too high and covering portions of your neck, face, or the exquisite details of your gown.

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